“The only place where success comes before work is in a dictionary”

I am teaching compiuter science at Paris-Descartes University  in Paris. My research interests include text mining, knowledge extraction methods, unsupervised machine learning (especially clustering and co-clustering).

Initially, during my PhD, I was mainly interested in knowledge representation methods. Though it may seem immodest, I can reasonably boast of having been one of the first French researchers to get seriously interested in Semantic Web technologies and languages (see for example this report : INRIA Research Report which dates back  to 1999… 🙂

Over the last years, I have extended my knowledge in the areas of information extraction, unsupervised machine learning (clustering,co-clustering)  as well as  text mining using probabilistic and NLP-based techniques. A continuing interest for XML and markup languages in general also characterizes my intellectual journey so far. In 2005 I published this book, which had no large diffusion beyond academic circles (partly due to the very high price set by the publisher !) but, I think, can provide the reader with a quite original and detailed treatment of logical markup languages and the key notions that underlie them.

Last but not least, I enjoy programming in a variety of languages (Python, Javascript, R, etc.)